Miracles of God to defy technology of evil ones; refuges- infirmities healed, food & water provided) October 6, 2007:

At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see a large long loaf of bread that was twenty feet long and laying on the ground outside. Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a large loaf of bread is very much how I would multiply food for you at your homes, and at the refuges. I have mentioned before when the faithful see My miracles, they will have less worry and anxiety how I will provide for your needs of food, water, and shelter at My refuges. I gave the Israelites manna on the ground, and I will provide bread for My people of the tribulation as well. Seeing a vision of such a miracle of bread multiplication, gives you a remembrance of how I multiplied the bread and fish for the four thousand and the five thousand. I will also have My angels give you My Eucharistic Bread as well, if you do not have a priest for a Mass. Rejoice that I will perform these miracles for you, even as I promised that I would do this for you.”
July 1, 2008:
At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see a large luminous cross in front of a church, even during the daylight. Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you saw how I came to the aid of My apostles when they thought that they were going to die in the storm on the sea. Once they awoke Me on the boat, then I calmed the sea and saved them. They then wondered what kind of man I was that even the sea and the wind obeyed Me. They still had not yet realized that I was the Son of God that had come to earth as their Savior, and I was foretold in the Scriptures as the Messiah. Even as I performed this miracle of calming the storm, I am still performing miracles in saving My people every day when I answer your prayers. Some are still seeing miracle healings in your day as I allow My instruments to share their gifts. As the time of tribulation approaches, you will see even more miraculous signs as this luminous cross in the vision that will be over all of My refuges. You again will need My protection with My angels, and I will heal all of your infirmities if you look on My miraculous luminous cross. Trust in My power that will overcome all of the evil ones.”