(Labor Day message-consequences of Adam’s sin; unemployed need prayers & help; employers, Wall Street greed for money) September 2, 2008

At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see some bees working hard in a hive saving honey for the winter. Jesus said: “My people, if you look around in nature, just as these bees in the vision, you will see all the animals and insects struggling in their daily call for survival. Man also, since his being cast out of the Garden of Eden, must struggle to work for his daily existence as well. Even among My disciples there was an agreement that he, who did not work and contribute to the community, should not eat. You have just celebrated Labor Day which is an acknowledgment again of the need to find a job to support your families. In your economy’s slowdown some have to endure layoffs and living on unemployment until they can find another job. It is one thing to seek welfare if you are disabled or cannot find a job, but living off the society when you could find work could even come close to a sin of sloth for continuous laziness. In addition to physical work for survival, there is also work needed for your spiritual survival. I call everyone to work with Me in grace so you can have your souls saved by repenting of your sins and accepting Me as your Savior. To show your love for Me I call you to worship Me on Sunday and for your daily prayers. You can also show love for your neighbor by your prayers for them, and doing good deeds for them. Here again there are some who are spiritually lazy and lukewarm who do not accept Me and do not show their love for Me and their neighbor. It is these that need your prayers, or they risk losing their souls to the devil in hell. Just as you try to help people survive by contributing food for the poor, so you also need to evangelize souls so they can be saved in their spiritual lives in their souls.”