Holocaust in America-coming persecution; martial law-beginning of tribulation) October 23, 2008

I could see some guard towers at some current death camps that will hold thousands of prisoners. Jesus said: “My people, you well remember in your history books when Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews and all those who refused to follow his dictatorial rule. You thought this horror of killing innocent civilians would never happen again, yet you are seeing another holocaust going on throughout all of your abortion clinics across your land. You are killing over a million babies every year, but where is the outcry over this injustice. It is due in part to your abortions that your country will be taken over. The tribulation of evil described in the Book of Revelation is how many Christians and patriots will be exterminated in the same kind of death camps that Hitler used, only they are already present across America. Be prepared for these ruthless killings again because you failed to stop your abortions.”
February 26, 2009:
At Holy Name after Communion I could see a land of fertile soil with plenty of water. Jesus said: “My people, in today’s reading from Moses (Deut. 30:15-20), he sets before the Israelites the blessing and the curse, and he asks them to choose life in following My Commandments. The Israelites were about to enter the Promised Land, and if they obeyed God, they would live in prosperity. But if they disobeyed God, then they would suffer punishment for their sins. This is what happened in that they prospered while they were close to Me. Then when they followed other gods, they were exiled to Babylon and lost their land. America has a similar promised land because of your belief in My law at the founding of your nation. You have the same choice to make-either the blessing or the curse. Your country has chosen not to follow life, but you are following the death culture in your abortions, euthanasia, and wars. Because of this choice of following the gods of the world instead of Me, you also will have your land and nation taken away from you. This will come in the form of martial law and a loss of your freedoms as you will be joined in the North American Union with Canada and Mexico. Be prepared for this takeover as you will need to go to My refuges for protection before martial law. Fear not the evil ones since My angels will protect you and provide for your needs.”