(Holiness-pick up cross, follow Jesus; peace in soul-shed worries, anxieties, and fears) April 17, 2007

At Marie’s house after Communion I could see a small ciborium, that contained many consecrated Hosts, with a covering over it. I then saw some lit candles on either side of the ciborium representing the light of angels. Jesus said: “My people, you have the greatest gift of Myself given to you in My Most Blessed Sacrament. These consecrated Hosts allow Me to come into your heart and soul so I can share My love with you in a spiritually intimate way. My angels of Light are always around My Blessed Sacrament giving Me praise and glory as they sing to Me in Adoration. When you sing My Adoration hymns, you are joining in with My angels. Give Me praise and thanksgiving every time that you receive Me in Holy Communion, and thank Me for My many gifts every time that you come to adore My Blessed Sacrament in Adoration or in My tabernacle. My Eucharist feeds you My heavenly Bread and My grace sustains you in temptations and heals the wounds of your sins. Keep close to Me in all that you do so you can grow in your holiness.”