Health Plan: (8-18-09 deception in wording,risk in computerization) June 11, 2009

I could see Obama selling his health plan to the people. Jesus said: “My people, your current leader is trying to claim everyone should have health care in a national program. Your government has done a poor job in even handling Medicare for the elderly, let alone trying to control everyone’s health care. They are attacking the small part that cannot afford health care as an excuse to control everyone. They will use smart cards and eventually chips in the body to control your drugs, doctor choice, and any operations. Foreign countries with national health plans have a hard time scheduling operations because of the bureaucracy. The cost of such a plan is also an added means to bankrupt your country because taxes and fees would be required to pay for a plan that your country cannot afford. Do not take any chips in the body at all costs.”
March 28, 2009:
At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see two trains going along the tracks. The one train was carrying dissenters to the detention centers, and the other train carried people who were checked at the station for their smart cards or chips in the body. Jesus said: “My people, a socialistic or even communist government will be coming to America. Your government will soon be controlling every facet of your life through smart cards in your driver’s license, or in your passports. Eventually, they will mandate chips in the body which you are to refuse and run to your refuges. Those, who stay behind, will need chips to buy and sell food and everything else, including house taxes. If you do not use your smart card, you cannot buy food and they will condemn your house and take it away. I have told you that National Health will demand smart cards and again you could not buy your drugs without it. By going to My refuges, you will look on the luminous cross and be healed of all of your medical conditions. Look at what is going on in your government as your politicians cannot bankrupt your country fast enough. Beware of all of this fast spending of trillions of dollars with very little time to read any new legislation. Your new leaders want fiat rule so they can control all of you like robots while trying to lead your soul into the hands of the Antichrist. Be forewarned of these coming events as you are preparing to leave for the safety of My refuges.”