(Guardian Angel Mark-the angels allow communication from souls of the dead) June 5, 2007

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see a young boy that looked like my cousin Danny, but there was a light around him. Jesus said: “My people, you know that many souls send themselves to various levels of purgatory. Some need more purging of their earthly desires than others. There is a certain amount of suffering that each of these souls must endure to atone for the reparation due for their sins. The souls in upper purgatory can be helped more by your prayers, good deeds, and Masses. There is more light and less greyness in upper purgatory where most of their suffering is not being able to see My face. In lower purgatory it is darker and the souls suffer more as they do in hell. These souls have to suffer and be purged for a minimum of their time before your prayers can help release them sooner. You have a gift to receive messages from these souls after death, and it would be good to read some books on this subject of what other souls have revealed. You also are seeing a need in your time to spend more prayer time specifically for the souls in purgatory. There are very few living souls that can convey this need for the poor souls in purgatory and this is a worthy intention to help free these souls from purgatory, so they can enjoy sooner the heaven that has been promised to them. All of these souls are saved, and it is just a matter of time until they are freed to enjoy My love and rest in heaven.”