Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016: (St. Peter Claver)
Jesus said: “My son, you are seeing how St. Peter Claver dedicated his life to helping the African slaves have hope, and he baptized them. In a similar manner, My refuge builders need to help My desperate faithful to have hope in face of the evil people who want to kill you. You have made a lot preparations, but your time to prepare is running out. This is why I have been encouraging you to finish up the projects that I have given you. Make the best use of what time you have left, so you will be able to accept the people that I will send to you. You may have to change some of your priorities to fit these projects into your schedule. I will be always watching over you to find ways to finish what you need. I thank you for your dedication to both missions of sharing My messages, and sharing your refuge with people.”

Jesus said: “My son, when you are thinking of independent living on a refuge, you need to have a good source of water, because you cannot live without fresh water. I have been directing you to get more 55 gallon food grade barrels so you can store as much drinking water as possible for your forty people. You have decided to store six of your barrels in your garage that gets cold in the winter. Your friend suggested wrapping these barrels with flexible insulation to try and keep the water in the barrels from freezing. Also, only fill these barrels 2/3rds full in case the water turns to ice and expands. I mentioned before to use your drain water for washing while temperatures are above freezing. You can melt snow for water during the winter. You also have a pump and some piping if you can find water at a shallow depth. Again, I mentioned how I would multiply your drinking water and wash water. Just as you had to believe in faith that I could heal people, so you will have to believe in faith that I could multiply your water, food, and fuels. By following all of My instructions, and praying for what you need, I will see to all of your needs. In some cases you have even seen some people able to survive on just receiving daily Holy Communion, which will be given by a priest or My angels. So trust in Me that I will provide you with enough fresh water to drink and wash. You will even have water to reconstitute your dried foods.”