Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you this message several times before that My people need to understand the need to put your spiritual life in order by coming to confess your sins in My sacrament of Reconciliation. This scene of rain water flushing down your streets is a sign for the need of people to ask My forgiveness of their sins. These major storms are truly a wake-up call to get your attention to change your lives of sin and your sinful lifestyles. The vision of the cesspool is to emphasize how the stench of your sins is calling for My justice. I keep repeating this message because you see what is happening, but you are too comfortable in your sins to change. You talked of dieting where you may have to change your comfortable eating habits, and suffer for awhile to lose some weight. In your spiritual life it is also a suffering to give up your sinful habits, as living together without marriage. But the result of having a purified soul without any more addictions to sin, is well worth your efforts in controlling your human passions. It is one thing to come to Confession for your sins of lust, but it is even more important to remove yourself from the occasion of sin that causes you to sin. This may be difficult to leave a personal relationship for the body, but it is much more beneficial for your soul. Trust in Me to lead you on the right path to heaven, and focus more on My Will than following your own will.”