Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I know some people are sad to see all of the selling of more war in Syria by America’s leaders. Many people in America are against this killing and destruction, when there is no good reason for it. I hear your prayers to stop this bombing, but the one world people are going to have their way. You are postponing this war for awhile, but the plans have already been made to remove Assad from power. Even if your Congress does not back your President, he will be forced by the one world people and the demons to carry out their plans. This bombing could very well cause a spread of war to other parts of the Middle East. Be prepared if you have to suffer the repercussions of another war on your military people and on your economy.”

Jesus said: “My people, when people upgrade their house, they try to improve the appearance for themselves and whoever may buy their house in the future. When you renovate a church, you are trying to please Me with your plans. Your tabernacle should be placed in the middle of the altar because I am the Guest in My Real Presence. You should also have a large crucifix on the wall behind the altar so you can remember how My sacrifice on the cross has brought salvation to all of you. It is My Blood that has washed away all of your sins. You also need an obvious place for Confession so you have a place to confess your sins to a priest. Most of all you need a priest, and a faithful parish that supports the church and the pastor. These are the important things that should be in each church that honors Me at Mass on Sunday.”