Friday, September 5, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, America has had to endure a long process to elect your next President, and this time is finally drawing to a close. Your conventions are over and now your candidates will be vying to get the least little gains in winning states over to their side. Each side claims that they have a better plan, but your country is still plagued with major deficits caused by your wars. Your greed in the mortgage industry has brought your financial system to near ruin, and there is a resulting recession that no one wants to admit that you are in. For those without jobs it is already like a depression, and jobs are getting worse than better. Your country is becoming more vulnerable from your finances, your energy needs, your weakened military, and the damage from your natural disasters. Whoever is elected President will inherit many difficulties to get your country back on track. Pray that the right leaders will be elected for what is best for your country and its people.”
(Divine Mercy Hour) Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you another vision concerning the Warning when everyone at the same time will come out of their bodies and come before Me. I will then show you your life review from both your point of view and from that of others and Myself. At the end of your life review I will give each of you your mini-judgment of where you would be judged if you were to die just then. Wherever you would be judged, you will have a taste of that environment in either heaven, purgatory, or hell. You will then be placed back into your bodies to have a second chance to change your life for the better. Even now the time for this event is growing close which is why I want you to be in the state of grace when this happens. Pray and confess your sins frequently so you can always be in the state of grace. Those, who are not in the state of grace, could see a vision of hell and experience what it is like to be in hell. The Warning is an extension of My Divine Mercy on all sinners, and it will be a grace to know that you can only come into heaven through Me, no matter what faith a person may have. This is an opportunity for even the worst sinners to change their lives by seeing where there present lives are leading them. I do not force My love on anyone, but I seek to save your soul up until your dying breath. Trust in Me and follow My Commandments, and you will have your reward in heaven.”