Friday, September 25, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, St. Peter rightfully declared that I am the Christ, the Son of the living God. I did not want My apostles to tell this to everyone because I came as the Suffering Servant to die for mankind and not to glorify Myself in power. My glory is manifested in My Resurrection. Just as I suffered, so I call My faithful to take up your daily cross and follow Me as you join in My suffering. This vision of the helicopter is how the evil men in black will storm your cities in the night before martial law so they can take their targets of religious and patriots to their detention centers for killing and cremation. I will warn you before they come to your houses so your angels can take you to your refuges. Have trust in My power and protection for you at My refuges. There I will provide for your food, water, and shelter. You will be suffering more during the tribulation which will be like your purgatory on earth. You may suffer for a while, but then you will share in the joy of My Era of Peace.”
Jesus said: “My people, if you truly want to be holy, you must pick up your daily cross and follow Me. By offering up all of your pains and disappointments to Me every day, I can help you bear your life’s burdens on My cross. In order to have My peace in your soul, you must be able to separate yourself from all the worries, anxieties and fears that you feel threatened by in your life. You may be concerned with how to obtain the money you need to run your household and feed your family. You may be worried about the health of some of your relatives and how you could help them. You may be concerned about keeping your job or putting your children through school. It is right to plan for the events in your life, but you must put your trust in Me that I will help you in all of your needs. When you completely put your trust in Me, you truly will have peace without any fears or worries. This lesson in life of full trust in Me is how you will be directed to a holy life. My sacraments give you the grace to help you in your holiness. Keep your focus on Me so that everything that you do is done out of love for Me. I am your partner in life and your daily consecration lets each action be a prayer to Me. By walking with Me and carrying your cross of suffering, I will lead you on your path to holiness.”