Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012: (St. Matthew)
Jesus said: “My son, just as Levi was willing to give up everything and follow Me, so you were willing to do My mission when I called you. Some people, who were called to be prophets, were reluctant at first, but you wanted to follow My Will for My calling, and I thank you. Your mission to prepare people for the coming tribulation is not an easy one, and some people do not want to hear your message. When people are asked to store food for bad times, and leave their homes for refuges of protection, this is hard to accept. Yet, I am providing a means of protection from the evil people and the demons so your soul will be safe. Some of My faithful will be called to be martyrs, and they will become instant saints in heaven. Those, who live through the tribulation at My refuges, will be brought into My Era of Peace and later into heaven. This plan of Mine will be made clearer to everyone in their Warning experience. It is a privilege to be living in this time of My victory. Rejoice, My son, in the mission that I have given you, and stay close to Me in My sacraments and your daily prayers.”

Jesus said: “My people, this experience of missing your exit was because that ramp was under construction, and that is why you could not find the name of your exit. Sometimes in life you try to do the right thing, but people have changed the rules, and you have to follow a discerned detour. When you are doing My mission, I will have My angels directing you to your destination, even if it means following a different route to get there. I have given you many messages to share with the people on how best to be protected during the tribulation. Just as you allowed My angels to help you reach today’s destination, so you can call on Me and My angels will lead you to the nearest refuge with a physical sign. When you live in trust by following My Will, do not have any fear, but rely on Me to keep you safe from any evil. You will be entering a time of evil and a time of chaos. So do not be alarmed by your events, but be calm in following My directions. It is the same way for My faithful as they first come to My refuges. My refuge leaders need to calm down these new arrivals with prayer, and show them the miracles that I will perform for My people as multiplying food and dwellings. Once these new arrivals understand how I am protecting them and providing for their needs, they will calm down from any doubts. Then they will trust in My care for them. This truly is how I take care of people all of the time, but you do not always appreciate how I am working in your lives to help you. Give praise and thanks to Me for all the gifts that you receive from Me every day.”