Friday, September 18, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, pornography in magazines and on the internet for both men and women is wrapped up in sinful lust for pleasure. Adult bookshops are the encouragement of masturbation and birth control devices. These sins can even lead to fornication and adultery, not to mention the use of prostitution. This is a very profitable industry that feeds on the passions of people, but outside of the normal married love relationship. These are sources of temptation to avoid and also avoid the sexual sins that this literature and images could lead people into. These temptations can also lead into sexual addictions or affairs with non-married partners. Using birth control, or committing fornication, adultery,or masturbation are all mortal sins that require Confession before receiving Holy Communion. Avoid these sins and especially avoid living together in sinful relationships either heterosexually or homosexually. These sexual sins are what send the most souls to hell because they are sins violating the proper use for passing on life into children. The more you commit these sins, the harder it is to break these habits. Pray for spiritual healing and get counseling before it can destroy marriages.”
Jesus said: “My people, earlier in the year most of your country was getting more rain than usual. It was easy to grow crops with plenty of rainwater. In the last month or so it has been fairly dry. It is always unpredictable to know if you will get enough rain to grow your crops. Too wet in the early planting, and it is hard to get all the land seeded. Not enough rain in the middle of the season, and it will stunt the growth of the crops. Too much rain at harvest time is also hard to collect the crops and dry out the hay and corn. The farmer is vulnerable to bad weather, droughts, and pests, let alone deer, racoons, and other animals that eat the crops. Be thankful for your food because some farmer had to take a risk to bring his crops to market. The farmer needs your support and prayers so he can get a living wage from his efforts. It is hard when prices are too low, or cheap imports are brought in from China. Without dedicated farmers, you would not have your food to eat. Pray that your farmers do not get cheated by price controls not in their favor. They sometimes need subsidies to get through the bad years. You have been on some farms to see what a hard life it is to farm. Thank Me that they are still in business.”