Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011: (St. Cornelius & St. Cyprian)
Jesus said: “My people, one of the key phrases in the first reading is: ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ You can see this in your society with fast money schemes in the stock market, gambling casinos, lottery tickets, and even drug money. Where money is, there is usually crime seeking it. Some medium of exchange is needed for buying your food and shelter, but money should not be sought out for its own sake just to be rich. Some seek money for what it can buy, and others seek it as a means of power and control. Avarice, or seeking money for its own sake, is actually a sin because it is making money an idol before Me. Those, who have excess wealth beyond their needs, should be sharing it with family, the poor, and support for My Church. I love a cheerful giver to charities, and not to begrudge giving some of your wealth away. In the Bible there is even mention of tithing or giving ten per cent of your income to charity. When you love your neighbor, donations are one way to show your generosity. Supporting My Church financially is part of your task in building up the faith. So do not seek to accumulate wealth only for yourself, but use your wealth in sharing it with your neighbor and not hoarding it.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you these forty foot wide tunnels before that connected the underground cities. It is true that the one world people are still making more tunnels around Denver, as you saw the construction going on. They have been storing large quantities of food in these cities for the one world people who plan to hide there for an upcoming event that they will stage. There is a honeycomb of these tunnels covering most of the Western states. There is also a further reason for having these tunnels made. When the planned martial law begins, it would show their plans if people saw troop carriers, tanks, and armored personnel vehicles traveling through your streets. By sending these armored UN troops through these tunnels, they can be pre-positioned in many areas, and ready to implement martial law instantly without anyone knowing where they came from. This sudden attack and control of the highways will catch all of your citizens by surprise. I know all the plans of these evil ones, and I will notify My faithful ahead of time to leave for My refuges, so you will be safe once the evil ones try to capture you. The evil ones have a secured network for communication, but My spiritual communication will reach every faithful person all at once in defiance of their plans. Trust in Me to take care of you, but you must be ready to move quickly once you are notified or sense danger.”