Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people of America, you are remembering the people who were killed on 9-11-01 by the terrorists in destroying the two trade towers in New York City. This was a punishment of America, but it was also promulgated to cause America to attack the terrorists in Afghanistan. This was a sad day for America when three thousand Americans lost their lives. You are having memorial services for all those people who lost their lives, and for the families of the deceased. The one world people precipitate wars with such incidents. If your wars were closely analyzed, you would see how these evil ones make money on your wars, and they gain control over certain lands. There is a desire of these evil ones to involve America in another war with ISIS in the Middle East. Do not be surprised if you see another major attack from ISIS terrorists to cause such a war against them. The last time you had such an incident in 2001, there was also a large stock market decline. If you see another such created incident, there could be another effect on your financial system. Pray that your people stay close to Me, even if your country is not humbled again by a terrorist attack.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are a lot of confusing statements being made about some basic parts of the Christian faith. Most of this confusion is coming from Satan in order to divide My Church. You have heard of two heresies being promoted. One is that hell is not eternal, and the other is that the Church should accept same-sex marriage. My faithful need a moral compass, and you can find the truth of your Catholic Faith in reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You remember in your research where the Catechism openly teaches that hell is eternal. On the subject of same-sex marriage, I have told you that I created man and woman for a proper marriage. A marriage between two men or two women is unnatural, and it is an abomination in My eyes. Neither of these heresies should be accepted in My Church, and if you hear this proclaimed in a church, then avoid that church. I have told you that there will be a division in My Church between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. When the schismatic church takes over the churches, My faithful remnant will need to come to their homes for any prayer services. It will not be long when you will need to come to My refuges for protection from the evil ones, who want to kill all of My believers. After the Warning, you will see events lead up to the Antichrist declaring himself, and this will start the tribulation that I will shorten for the sake of My elect. Soon I will bring My victory over the evil ones, as they will be cast into hell. My faithful will be rewarded in My Era of Peace and later in heaven.”