Friday, October 9, 2009: (St. Denis & companions)

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I was accused of casting out demons by the prince of demons. I explained to these people that a divided house could not stand. But if the finger of God was upon Me, then truly the Kingdom of God was upon them. In fact I am the Son of God which is the power that drove out the demons. I even commanded these evil ones not to speak, because they knew that I was the Son of God. Satan and the demons are still present on the earth and the effects of evil are all about you. I am more powerful than all of these demons put together, for they are all creatures that I have made. This vision of missiles going off is a warning that Iran and North Korea are controlled by dictators with evil intentions in using missiles and making nuclear bombs. Satan is stirring up wars and hostilities among the nations which your are witnessing. When you are attacked by these evil ones, use your blessed sacramentals of your rosaries, blessed salt, holy water, and your Benedictine crosses with the exorcism medal for your protection. Call on My Name and My angels to deliver you from their temptations and influence. I will be at your side to defend you from these evil forces. Pray your daily prayers and go to frequent Confession to keep your soul pure. The more sin that you have on your soul, the weaker you will be to resist temptations. The demons are still roaming the earth and some people are possessed by demons as in My day. Have no fear, because I am with you.”
Jesus said: “My people, there is much evil in this world and you have seen the killing of people in the death camps of Hitler. He was led by Satan in witchcraft and astrology to do the evil that he did. Many dictators in history have been used by Satan to bring about wars and evil actions. The eugenics which led up to the killing of the Jews is even rooted in your Planned Parenthood Organizations. Your abortions and many sexual sins are still flaws in your society. Some people are being misled in New Age worship of things and Satanic cults. This is why you need My protection and that of My angels against the evils of your society. Carry your blessed sacramentals of rosaries, your Benedictine crosses, and holy water as your weapons against the demons. The death camps of Hitler are present in America as well, and I have warned you of the evil ones’ intentions to want to kill the religious and patriots who will not go along with their new world order. Listen to My warnings when it will be necessary to go to My refuges of safety so these evil ones cannot kill you. Have no fear of these evil ones in the coming tribulation because My power is greater than the demons. Trust in Me fully and you will have no fears and no worries.”