Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, this clock speeding up in the vision is showing you that in the near future you will see the religious persecution increase so much that the priests will have to offer Mass underground at secret Masses in the homes. Home Masses will only go on for a short time as the tribulation will soon follow and all of My faithful will need to go to My refuges for protection. This is when you could encourage your priests to come with you to the refuges. Even if you cannot have a Mass at My refuges, My angels will bring you daily Communion and you will have tabernacles to adore Me at your refuges as well. I will always be with you even through the worst of the coming evil days. Trust in Me for all of your needs as My angels will defend you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who support abortion and even promote abortion, are sinning against the lives of My babies. To vote for a candidate that openly supports abortion, is also an action that supports abortion and is liable to My judgment. People, who hold office and vote for bills that support abortion, also are liable for a priest to refuse them Communion if they do not repent. My people should avoid voting for candidates who support abortion because their apparent disdain for life even questions their moral judgment in other areas. This is not just a one issue decision, but it indicates a support of a death culture that is running America. Your media people criticize some honest candidates who are even against abortion in rape and incest cases. These babies from such cases are still innocent lives, but these same media people are not critical of all the innocent millions of babies being slaughtered. You need to be consistent in your decisions to support life in all instances. Do not let the death culture candidates get away with lying about the truth of My Word. Stand up and defend these babies from those who want to kill them. Call the doctors and mothers murderers for their abortions. I will accept their repentance, but they need to ask for My forgiveness to be saved. Whenever you can stand up and protest the taking of life in abortion, do so in front of the clinics who perform abortions for blood money. If you do not stop your abortions, America will face its own demise.”