Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel (Luke 10:13-15) I was bringing woes to the cities of Corozain and Capharnaum because of their sins, and their rejection of Me. I later told these towns how they would lay in ruin as a punishment. I could bring this same woe to America because of its sinful behavior as a people in general. You are still killing My babies in the millions, and now you are flaunting your homosexual sins before Me in defying true marriage of a man and a woman. These sins and other abuses are bringing My judgment against America, and your punishment will be a takeover by the one world people. Even if your President loses this election, the same people will bring your country down only a little slower. Fewer people are coming to church, and faith in Me is decreasing among your people. My prayer warriors need to pray even harder for the few souls that are faithful to Me as well as those who need conversion. My faithful will be seeing a major persecution that will force them to eventually come to My refuges for protection. Keep struggling for your religious freedoms as long as you can, as an example to those who could lose their souls to the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, this life is like a valley of tears. In order to come to heaven, you will have to either suffer a purgatory of pain on earth, or a time of suffering in purgatory itself. The souls who are faithful to Me in life will suffer a lot less than the souls who will suffer for all eternity in the flames and hate of hell. Some souls suffer a lot of pain in this life with cancer, or any other illness or condition of chronic pain. This is how some souls avoid purgatory because they are suffering their purgatory on earth. These souls go straight to heaven at their death. The rest of My faithful may have to suffer a time in purgatory relative to their works and their gifts. Some in lower purgatory suffer flames as in hell, while others in upper purgatory suffer not seeing My face or feeling My love. All souls in purgatory are promised one day to be with Me in heaven. Those faithful, who fulfill My Divine Mercy Sunday requirements, will have all reparation due to sin removed from them. Then once they die, they will only have to atone for the sins since their last Mercy Sunday. In all cases My people will have to suffer in the flesh or in purgatory to purify their souls enough so they are worthy of coming to heaven. Give praise and glory to Me that you are on the right path to heaven, so you can be with your loving Lord for all eternity.”