Friday, October 5, 2007: (Elverus’ funeral Mass)

Jesus said: “My people, it is always a time of sorrow when someone passes away, but it is a joy to know the deceased will not have to suffer anymore on this earth.  In faith you heard the Gospel proclaim that I am the Light, the Life, and the Way to heaven.  With Me there is a new spiritual life when you are raised up from the body.  The vision is a spectacular sight in heaven as these blooming flowers before Me give praise and glory to Me.  You are also seeing a flow of My Living Water which now brings life to Elverus so she can be prepared to come to heaven.  All of her dedicated life to My service has gained her eternal life with My suffering on the cross.  She is happy to be with Me and she will be praying for all of her loved ones.  Your relatives in heaven are always looking out for their family members.  They are even the first ones to greet you when you die along with My saints, angels, and Myself.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of your beautiful churches have been stripped of your crucifixes and statues, and they are left with bare walls.  Even My tabernacles have been removed from sight into back rooms.  By stripping your churches, you have been stripped of your traditions, a sense of the Sacred, and even the Real Presence in My Hosts is only believed by a minority.  There are some priests who are turning this around by adding crucifixes, adding statues, and returning My tabernacle to a prominent visible place in the church.  My people need to support these restorations of your traditions by helping your priests and inspiring them to do the proper thing.  Statues and My crucifix show you examples of love and suffering which is totally missing in your blank wall churches.  When you see My Sacred Heart or My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart, you have something to think about and inspire you.  You need to have My tabernacle visible to genuflect to in giving Me praise.  If I am not present in the church, then it is just like any other building and not a church.  Give praise and glory to your Lord, and honor My saints and angels in your churches.”