Friday, October 31, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you have experienced a quick downturn in your stock market that started in September due to the mortgages that were purposely given to those who could not make the payments. Now the banks are holding a lot of bad performing loans and increasing numbers of foreclosures. Your government has pumped billions of dollars of debt notes into circulation that is guaranteeing bad loans that will be lost. The large bailout measures and lower interest rates still have not turned the housing market around because too many houses are on the market. The U.S. debts are building faster than money is being collected to pay the interest. If enough debts cannot be sold abroad, then the debts and the interest will not be paid. This is all part of a plan to bankrupt America’s currency and the government. This ultimately will collapse America’s government and your economy. This is when the one world people will take you over, and replace your dollars with ameros that are already coined and printed. This will cause riots and food problems which will initiate a martial law takeover to form the North American Union. Watch your U.S. budget when your debts do not collect enough interest to service your massive borrowing because that is when your money will become near worthless. The interest already is the number three payout, and it takes away from other payouts to Defense, Social Security, and any Health support. The light coming in is when I will have My angels protect My faithful when you will come to My refuges because of riots and martial law. You will have to share your food when money is not available.”
(Mario’s Funeral) Mario said: “I am thankful to all of those who came to pay me their respects and greet my family. I am also grateful to all of my family members for taking care of me over the years. I see now that I should not have been such a burden on the kindness of my care givers. I am sorry for any of my offenses to all of you. I always loved my family, but I had a difficult time in my later years. I do need your prayers, so do not forget to pray for me and have some Masses said for my soul. I pray that the Lord will have mercy on my soul.”