Friday, October 30, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this stained glass window turning into plain clear glass is an indication that the faithful in many churches have lost their traditions of the sacred. Modernism has crept into My Church and it has affected how people think of the need for Mass and My sacraments. Attendance at Sunday Mass is crucial if people are to obey the Third Commandment of honoring Me on Sunday with your day of worship. Some are skipping Mass because of their spiritual laziness. Respect for My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament is also waning as a good number of people do not even believe that I am fully present in My Host. The need for Confession in people’s lives should be a necessity to cleanse their sins, but the priests do not always encourage this sacrament, as few are coming regularly. Even having a large crucifix on the altar or the tabernacle in plain sight is missing in many churches. If My sacraments are not understood or encouraged, then the souls are going to be more vulnerable to Satan’s temptations. It is hard to live in mortal sin and still expect to be able to receive Me worthily in Holy Communion. If you are in mortal sin, then do not receive Me in Holy Communion, or you commit a sin of sacrilege. Some clergy are afraid to talk about sinful behavior, and the need to be free of mortal sin in order to receive Holy Communion. Some people do not have a properly formed conscience in order to know when they have committed mortal sin because they rationalize their actions as only venial sins that in their eyes do not require Confession. My faithful need a spiritual renewal to stay strong in their traditional faith, or many more will fall lax in their spiritual life. It is those that fall away that are endangering their souls to be lost in hell.”
Jesus said: “My people, your government is taking away your rights to free speech in violation of your constitution. The one world people have pressed for Hate Crime legislation that was part of your Defense Department bill. At your former work place, if you said anything about homosexual acts being a sin, it could have cost you your job. Now in the same way under this Hate Crime legislation, you could be liable to jail and fines for any public statements against homosexuals. My position on homosexual acts is still that I see them as an abomination because they are unnatural and worse than fornication. These same one world people are also against any prayers and mention of My Name in public. With these controlling laws there are some who could bring charges against anyone for trumped up meanings of your innocent words. This is in direct opposition to your freedom of speech and freedom to worship Me which these world masters want to stifle. This is just one more step in the takeover of America that is coming soon before your eyes.”