Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people of America, in today’s Gospel I gave many woes to several towns in Israel because they had the Son of God walk their streets, and still the people rejected Me. I performed many miracles and I gave them My parables, yet there were many who did not believe in Me. There were also a good number who did believe, and they became Christians. I prophesied then how many of these towns, who did not believe, would be brought down for their lack of faith. Even America, that has a Christian background, needs to heed My voice to repent, or you will face My woes as well. You already have seen constant wars, some financial ups and downs, weather problems, and pestilence from diseases. Because of your abortions and sexual sins, you will be facing My punishment, as I will allow the one world people to bring you down into the North American Union.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have to admit that your recent weather patterns are much different from your past experiences. Part of the reason for these changes is a combination of the use of the HAARP machine in conjunction with the chemtrails. Both of these things are black operations, or secret operations run by your government, which is why you do not hear this in your censored news. The HAARP machine is a strong microwave machine that can heat up the ionosphere to change your jet streams to create floods with low pressure, or droughts with high pressure. With man-made manipulation, as Nicholas Tesla and others have used, you can see why your weather patterns are different, and more violent than usual. Many of your snow storms and violent tornadoes were enhanced by the HAARP machine. Pray that the evil one world people will have their plans exposed, so this control of the weather will no longer be secret, but you will see how this power can be abused for political reasons.”