Friday, October 3, 2008: (Red Mass at Cathedral-lawyers)

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen My woes against the lawyers of My time and you know of the judgment made against Me by Pontius Pilate in the vision. I know there are good and bad judges and lawyers, but you need someone to enforce your laws. It is the pay offs and manipulation of laws and the people that I am warning you about. Many of your lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are also lawyers, but most of them are masons or controlled by the one world people. Their decision today to sell out $850 billion of the taxpayers’ money to bail out the bad loans created by the greed of bankers and investment brokers is another sign to the people that your phone calls and e-mails are falling on deaf ears. This is just the first installment of how the rich are fleecing America for their own gains. You can see how America’s bankruptcy is on schedule as I told you before. It is all the more reason to have your things ready to flee to the refuges when your government declares martial law. Call on My help in prayer and My protection will be with you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you in previous messages how this credit crisis was deliberately manufactured to bring your country into bankruptcy for a planned takeover. It started with lowering interest rates to historically low levels. Then special mortgages were written to entice poor risks by paying only a percentage of just the interest, even though the lenders knew that they could not pay the full payment. The lenders did not care if these loans got paid back because they were now going to sell these suspect mortgages to unsuspecting investors. Then Wall Street buried these fears with leverage derivatives so no one could tell the difference between a good loan from a bad loan. Both the original lenders and the originators of the derivatives knew that these were bad ethics and poor risks, but they continued making their rich commissions. The rest is history when housing prices decreased, subprime loans were foreclosed, and the financial companies started their markdowns and then became broke themselves as they failed. Many large and small banks have been poisoned by these methods, and you can see the result of this plan that has your country teetering on bankruptcy just as the one world people wanted it. They are the same rich people shorting stocks to zero. The repercussions on your state and local governments, as well as your factories, are seen now in their difficulties just to make payrolls. If credit does not recover, you will see a true depression with massive layoffs. Pray for a turn around in your finances, but it will take a miracle to return to your former economy. Better to prepare for the worst which would be martial law, and a time for My faithful to go to your refuges.”