Friday, October 2, 2009: (Guardian Angel feast day)

St. Mark, my guardian angel, said: “I am Mark and I stand before God’s glory. Us guardian angels are messengers sent by God to watch over you. From the day you came to this earth until the day that you leave this earth, you are our responsibility throughout your life. Just as the devil never sleeps, we never sleep either because we are spirits and not restricted by earthly needs. We are the ones always giving you prompts to pray and do good deeds as well as reminding you to confess your sins. We warn you against evil temptations of the devil and help protect your physical body from harm. We also enable communication from one soul to another. If you are gifted and are open, you can receive messages from souls that have been separated from their dead bodies. Give thanks to God and us angels for being able to receive such messages. I am always at your side and I hear all of your petitions to have me help those that you are praying for. When you are making your petitions to me, try to remember to thank me and how you love me for my work and duty to God. We all love the souls that we have charge over.”