Friday, October 19, 2007:(St. Isaac Jogues, North American martyrs)

Jesus said: “My people, in the northern part of your country this recent warming trend will keep the leaves on your trees longer than usual. Then when cold and snow do arrive, you could see severe ice and snow weigh down your trees to the breaking point. As in a previous message last year, you will have more opportunities for ice storms than your usual snow storms. Be prepared for more ice disasters than usual as a result. The droughts that you are experiencing will worsen in some areas, while other areas could see floods or heavy snowfalls. The jet streams are being altered to worsen these conditions, and that is why you are having unusual weather patterns.”
Jesus said: “My people, the myth of terrorism is being perpetrated by the one world people to bring fear and chaos, making it ripe for takeover for security reasons. These evil ones have hired Moslem clients to do their dirty work, and the one world people are the ones in the vision handing missiles over to the planned terrorists. Their plan is to take down commercial airlines at various busy airports to cause another panic to the airlines. They used this same approach on Flight 800 when I showed you the flaming missile hit this airplane. Be aware that these evil ones think nothing of killing their own people to gain power or money. At the end when I come, all of these evil ones will pay for their crimes in a living hell on earth and the eternal loss in hell itself. Be patient and endure this evil end time by calling on My help in prayer.”