Friday, October 17, 2008: (St. Ignatius of Antioch)

Jesus said: “My people, in the last few weeks you have had feast days of the Early Church Fathers and other doctors of the Church. You can study their rich theology in their writings. Many Christians were martyred in the Early Church because of a prevailing persecution by the Roman Emperors. Today, you are living in the early beginnings of another era of persecution that will lead up to the tribulation time of the Antichrist. As you look at this world through the eyes of faith, you can see the increase in evil, a loss of faith, and an increase in immorality. The evil ones are taking advantage of the weaknesses of mankind, and they will bring to ruin all of those souls who are not taking care of their spiritual lives. Daily prayer and My sacraments are your best source of strength and grace to fight off the temptations of the evil ones. Be alert to whether you are improving, staying the same, or decreasing in your religious fervor. You must continually improve in your holiness if you intend to become a saint with My help. Do not remain stagnant or lukewarm in the faith, or you will be lost to the evil ones. Call on My help every day so you can remain on the right path to heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen a precipitous drop in your stock markets, a continuing slow down in house and car sales, as well as a tightening of credit for the consumer. The average household is shaken in any stock losses, and even job security is coming into question if your recession should continue to deepen. Because of the lost values in people’s homes and the above, there is a strong possibility that people will be limiting their expenditures to bare necessities. If your consumers cut back on their spending, you could see another downward spiral in stock values with less earnings, and more job losses. Americans have not been saving, but are spending money on credit that will be hard to replace. As credit tightens with higher interest rates, many will be forced to put off major purchases. Those, who think a bottom in the markets has been reached, cannot guarantee the start of a bull market. The credit crisis will go on and it will even worsen for a time. The average family needs to be prepared with food and necessities that could be harder to find and buy. My people also need to be prepared with your backpacks when the one world people will cause some incidents to initiate martial law when your economy will collapse as planned. Trust more in Me to protect you and feed you, no matter what the evil ones are planning. Do not depend on your stocks and bonds, or on any other possessions because they will pass on tomorrow. Rather seek Me to guard your souls from the attacks of Satan. It is your spiritual life in your soul that is your most prized possession. Guard your soul with prayers, blessed sacramentals, and My sacraments. When you leave for My refuges, you will leave most all of your possessions behind. Remember that you are always dependent on Me for everything, and thank Me for My gifts.”