Friday, October 16, 2009: (St. Margaret Mary Alacoque-Sacred Heart)

Jesus said: “My people, you know that I wore very simple sandals in My time, and I was of simple means. You also have seen the poor with broken down shoes or no shoes at all. Even a priest working for Me was proud to wear wrapped worn shoes. You have sayings to know someone that you have to walk a mile in their shoes. I have even asked you to imitate My life by following Me in My footprints. What you are being asked, is to let go of your earthly ways, and follow Me in My ways which the world has rejected. My ways are the ways of love, friendship, and suffering of persecution. Some like My words of love until I ask you to love even your enemies. Some like to love their friends, but they have difficulty in loving strangers or their persecutors. Very few ask for suffering, and it is avoided by most people. But you can offer any of your sufferings up to Me as I share them with you on My cross. Your suffering can save your soul and the souls of others, as suffering has redemptive value, as I died to redeem all of mankind from their sins. So walk a mile in My shoes, and do not worry about the appearance of your footwear.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who become involved with drugs or abusive drinking of alcohol that can be likened to someone who accidentally falls into a raging river. As the water carries you downstream, you have little control to get out of the water. Your best chance is to try and swim to the side of the river and catch something to pull yourself out. Otherwise someone needs to throw you a life preserver ring to pull you on shore. Addictions to drugs or alcohol are hard to break on your own. The cravings are very strong like the river, and you need treatment to dry out from this habit. The withdrawals can be difficult, but it is required to stop the drinking. Once the source of drink or drugs can be removed and not enabled, the addict has a chance to quit. This requires a will for the addict to want to stop drinking and possibly someone praying or guiding that person to treatment. As long as an addict has access to alcohol or drugs, there is no chance of stopping. So stop giving them money for their habits, so they can find help at various groups as Alcoholics Anonymous to get counseling. Pray also to bind any evil spirits attached to these addictions, and call on Me and My angels to help that individual. Prayer, fasting, and exorcism can be helpful in these cases. The best defense is to avoid taking the first drink if you are vulnerable to this addiction. Once you succumb to another drink, you are like the lost person drowning in the river.”