Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in a communist, socialist government as in Russia or China, they preach atheism and they persecute and kill Christians. Also, in these governments there is no middle class, only party elites and the poor people who work in slave labor shops. This is the direction that your current President is leading America to with the ultimate plan of bringing America into the North American Union. A socialist government wants the people to be totally dependent on the government for almost everything. If you look at your President’s Executive Orders and his many czars, you can see his plan for total control. The life of the middle class is at stake, as the average middle class income is decreasing because very good paying jobs have been exported. If the middle class does not remove your socialist agenda, the middle class will disappear. The current Administration supports abortion and same sex marriage, and it is leading America down in its morals and away from Me. America needs to come back to Me in your roots, and come back to your democratic republic roots as well. If America does not change its current direction, you will have a North American Union that will take away all of your rights and freedoms. Pray that your people will make the right choice in your elections.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times you want to hide from Me as Adam did after he had sinned. Do not keep this fence between us, but open your heart to confess your sins to Me in Confession. I am always holding My hands out to receive every repentant sinner back into My graces as I forgive each person’s sins. Do not hide from Me, but come to Me in Adoration or Mass to give Me praise and glory for being your Creator. When it is time for My faithful to come to My refuges, I will appoint a special angel of protection at every refuge. There will be a shield of invisibility that will circle every refuge as a fence that no evil spirit or evil person will be able to enter. The cross on the foreheads of My faithful will be the seal of approval to enter My refuges. My angels and refuge builders will provide bedding, water, and food so My faithful will be able to survive the coming tribulation. When necessary, these necessities will be multiplied as needed for more people who come. People will need to help each other with the distribution of food, washing and sewing of clothes, and other needs of the people. Every refuge will have daily Communion and perpetual Adoration in a chapel. Trust in Me because I know all of your needs, and you will be satisfied with My gifts and My love for you.”