Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, as you remember the saints in heaven and the souls in purgatory, you are thinking of the end of your own life. Even the cycle of the seasons shows a cycle of life where nature shows plants dying because of the cold. November is a good month to contemplate on your last days on earth right before the celebration of Advent and Christmas. This is a good time to make an accounting of your year in your spiritual progress. You need to ask yourself if you are getting better, staying the same, or are you falling back. My faithful need to keep getting better in their faith each year because they need to strive toward perfection. You need to show your love for Me in attending Mass when you can, frequent Confession, and your daily prayers. You also need to show your love for your neighbor in helping them with your prayers, donations, and good deeds. When you meet Me at your judgment, you will need to make an accounting for how you loved Me and your neighbor. By following My Commandments and helping your neighbor, you will be ready for your judgment, as I will open the gates of heaven to you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have just witnessed the terrible damage from Hurricane Sandy and the latest snow storm in the same area along the East coast. Many people are suffering in the cold with no electricity and little heat, food, water, and gasoline. It is one thing to be tested with the loss of your physical necessities from storms, but it will be another thing to suffer your coming spiritual persecution. Christians and patriots are the new targets of the one world people who see My faithful as a threat to their new world order. You are seeing a persecution of your religious freedoms when your government is trying to force Catholic institutions to violate their faith in being forced to provide birth control pills and devices. Your taxes are paying for abortions. Your hate crime laws do not want you to call homosexual acts sins, but they really are abominations in My eyes. Some people are even questioning church tax exemptions for supporting the Republican Presidential nominee. The ultimate persecution will come when your authorities will try to force mandatory chips in the body from your Health Care law. Refuse to take any chips in the body, even under pain of death, because the chips can control your free will like a robot. Your persecution will endanger your life to the point that you will need to come to My refuges for protection. Be prepared to leave your home in a short time when I will warn you to leave. Pray for calm and trust in My help so you can avoid the evil ones who will be trying to kill you.”