Friday, November 9, 2007: (Dedication of St. John Lateran Basilica)

Jesus said: “My people, the word ‘Church’ has two meanings for My faithful. The one meaning is about the physical structure where you attend Mass and where My Blessed Sacrament resides in My tabernacle. The other meaning represents the people of the parish who attend the Mass in whom the Holy Spirit resides in each person. Special care needs to be taken to maintain them. In the church care needs to be taken in fixing the roof, the lights, pews, as well as regular cleaning and paying of the bills to run it. Your bodies need care in eating healthy, doctor visits for physicals and dental care, dressing warmly, and avoiding abuses of the body as drugs, drunkenness, and sexual sins. When physical and spiritual care is taken for the building and your bodies, then truly My Church will grow and prosper. Spiritual care in keeping My Commandments and My traditions is also important to the spiritual health of My Church. By supporting My Church in your donations and frequenting My sacraments, your bodies and souls will be cared for.”  Jesus said: “My people, your cell towers are proliferating all over your nation and other nations as well. Many people are wanting the convenience of using their cell phone to call anyone at anytime for a nominal fee. What people do not realize is that this wireless cell phone system is flooding your airways with much microwave pollution and endangering users with microwave damage to their brains, and possible damage to nature’s insects. All of the new smart cards and satellite chips will use these same cell towers for buying and selling whether in cards or eventually in the body. It is the chips in the body that you should refuse to take at all costs. These chips in the body will control people with voices and the people will be like robots and not remember what they did. The Antichrist will abuse people with these chips as he will have his brief reign. Avoid using these chips and cell phones so the evil ones cannot track your movements. The days for this evil takeover are coming quickly and My faithful need to prepare to leave for My refuges of protection. Call on My help and that of My angels to protect your souls and your bodies from these evil ones.”