Friday, November 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people of America, you are again seeing a sign of your demise in this large fallen tree charred by fire. My people, you have worshiped the gods of materialism and the passions of lust, and now you are called to pay for your crimes. You have depended on your own money and wealth which is being taken away from you. Instead of depending on Me for everything and loving Me, you relied on your own devices which have fallen on hard times. Come to Me in forgiveness so I can save your souls from this evil worship of self and things. The Israelites had their cities burned and destroyed for worshiping other gods. I am a jealous God, and I want My people to love Me and follow My ways and My Commandments. You have chosen abortions, prostitution, and the sexual sins, so now you will pay dearly in the fall of your country, and you will be purified with fire in payment for your sins. Prepare to face the coming tribulation in a short reign of evil, but I will protect My faithful in My refuges until I come to defeat all of the evil ones. Pray for My graces to help you endure this trial of purgatory on earth.”
Jesus said: “My people, in the fall My creation puts on a colorful show with the leaves changing colors. You enjoy taking pictures both with the fall leaves and the spring flowers. Even beautiful sunrises and sunsets inspire your mind. At other times you can enjoy looking at the stars, especially away from the city lights. All of this beauty of nature is all around you at various times of the year. Pictures do have a way of preserving these beautiful moments. You know that the Creator is responsible for all that you are viewing, so give thanks and praise to Me that you are alive to appreciate all of My wonders of nature. At the same time it is also good for My people to protect these sheltered lands, so everyone has an opportunity to view My colors in nature. Work to protect your environment from wars and pollution of the air and water. Keep harmony among nature, and peace among mankind.”