Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, your current military weapons have some serious consequences if they are fully deployed. Some weapons can melt metal tanks, some lasers can inactivate incoming missiles, while some EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapons could paralyze whole cities or armies that use microchips in their equipment. EMP weapons can simulate the effects of neutron bombs. Their powerful rays can destroy microchips that would stop vehicles, computers, and any appliances that use microchips. Modern armies rely on microchips to run vehicles, target the enemy tanks, and many guidance systems for missiles. If EMP weapons were used, aircraft carriers and whole armies could be neutralized. If these weapons fell into the wrong hands, America’s existence could be changed back to old technology. None of these weapons could harm My faithful at My refuges, so My protection is far superior to any of man’s weapons. Be aware of your military’s capabilities, but remember that I have a greater power than all of these evil ones. In the end My power will triumph over the Antichrist and Satan, as My faithful will be rewarded in My Era of Peace and then into heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a priest standing before the Ten Commandments, means the priest in his homilies needs to emphasize the need for frequent Confession. You are all sinners and are in need of My forgiveness. Some rationalize their mortal sins into venial sins, and think they do not have to go to Confession. Even if you only have venial sins, you should make a practice of going to at least monthly Confession. There are many preparations for Confession to examine your conscience for your past sins. Unless you come to Confession, you do not have My absolution that forgives your sins and restores grace to your souls. My priests also need to warn the people that if they have mortal sin on their souls, they should not receive Me in Holy Communion because they would be committing another mortal sin of sacrilege. My priests should also emphasize that I am truly Present in My Body and Blood in every consecrated Host, and the people need to genuflect to My tabernacle on entering and leaving My church. By confessing your sins and giving honor to My Blessed Sacrament, you will have sufficient graces to protect yourself from the devil’s daily temptations.”