Friday, November 30, 2007: (St. Andrew)

Jesus said: “My people, you have read how I called some of My apostles from being fishermen so they could be fishers of men and women for My Kingdom. I reach out to call everyone to follow Me, no matter what profession or skill that you have. First you are called to a vocation of the religious life, the married life, or the single life. Each vocation has its own responsibilities, but you should be faithful to that calling and any vows made. If you are to be true to your faith in Me, you must live your faith in your actions so people can recognize you as a loving Christian. You all are sinners and need to repent of your sins in frequent Confession. You also need to consecrate everything over to Me so you are free from the attachments of this world, and you can be fully focused on Me all day long. When I call you in Baptism and Confirmation to be My followers, you can also be examples to others and reach out to evangelize souls so they can be saved from the evil one. You are all mine from your very creation, and you were purchased with the price of My death on the cross for your souls. You have free will because I wanted you to love Me and follow Me by your own choosing. I do not force My love on anyone. Follow the narrow road to heaven by letting Me lead you along life’s path.”
Jesus said:
“My people, this ingot of gold represents the super rich people who profit from other people’s losses. There is a collusion of the stock brokers, the owners of large multinational companies, and the central bankers who control interest rates. The corporations, through their lobbies, control the legislation that makes the laws for them to profit from slave labor. They send jobs abroad with out a tariff on goods imported under their label. The stock brokers threaten the companies to make more money, or they will take their stock prices down. The companies make deals with the Federal Reserve central bankers to lower the interest rates to lower their borrowing costs. It is the man in the street that is losing his home due to loan manipulations, and he is losing his good jobs to take slave labor jobs. This is why the upper 1% of your rich people have increased their yearly income over 400% and the lower 80% of the population or more have barely kept up with inflation. The injustices of predatory lending, robbed health benefits, and stolen pensions in layoffs are how the rich are taking advantage of the poor. In the end all of these rich people will lose everything to theft, greed, and finally to death. All of their massed up wealth will not help them in the next life, but their greed and injustices could weigh them down in purgatory or hell for their evil deeds to swindle people. Pray for these evil ones to be healed of their stealing and let them help the poor instead by your prayers.”