Friday, November 23, 2007: (St. Miguel Pro)

Jesus said: “My people, Thanksgiving is barely over and the shoppers and shopkeepers are already preparing gifts to buy for Christmas. I am more appreciative of My people coming to Mass today than those interested in gifts and possessions. The attraction of sales and buying gifts is such a contrast of fighting for the last sale item and the joy of the Christmas Season. In the end these are only material possessions which should not control your lives. You want to be gracious to your friends and relatives, but it should not put you into so much debt by buying too much. Many of your children are spoiled too much with expensive gifts. They would be better off with just a few gifts and let them share with others as well in your giving trees. When you help the poor, these gifts would be even more appreciated in food and clothing. As you have seen accidents on the highway, pray for safe travel of your loved ones over the holidays. Place some holy water inside your vehicles, and keep some emergency items in them for the winter. In all of your holiday activities think of prayer for everyone as the best gift that you could give them.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that I am the Resurrection and the Life, and you cannot have eternal life without Me. I am that bridge that spreads over the abyss of hell from earth to heaven. It is My death on the cross that paid the price for your souls and it enables you to enter the gates of heaven. Give praise and thanks to your Lord for My sacrifice for your salvation. By repenting of your sins and allowing Me to be Master of your life, you can have your reward in heaven. You all need to go from this life to the next life, and death is that means of transition. This life is short, and your mission is to help prepare souls for the end times when I will defeat the evil ones. Getting people back to Confession and Communion at Sunday Mass is the best help that you can provide for any soul to bring them to conversion. Saving souls, after all, is the most important mission that you could perform.”