Friday, November 16, 2007: (St. Margaret of Scotland)

Jesus said: “My people, you need rubber tires to move your vehicles, but once the tread wears out, they lose their gripping ability and become unlawful. This is another sign for you of how short your life is here on earth. Within a short time you find yourself in a graveyard, even as these used tires are in a field in the vision. As you come to the end of another Church Year, your thoughts of preparing for your death should cause you to find time for frequent Confession. By keeping your soul pure, then you will be ready to face Me at your judgment. Each day you should be thankful that you have more time to pray and help people. Also do not squander your opportunities for charity by spending too much time and money on your own entertainment. When you come before Me, you will be held accountable for how much you loved Me and your neighbor. I will ask you if you fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited the sick and prisoners, and sheltered the homeless. If you did so for the least of My people, then you did it for Me.” Jesus said: “My people, sometimes you need to look into the life of an unwed mother who is contemplating an abortion. They may feel all alone and may not be able to afford to take care of a child. They are searching for love and secretly are reaching out for help. This is why counselors, if allowed, can offer a helping hand to take away all the reasons for abortion. It is one thing to allow yourself in a woman to commit fornication, but should a pregnancy result, it is a worse compounded sin to have an abortion. Repent of your first sin, but do not commit another sin. There are many wanting to adopt children, so pray that these mothers have their children instead of killing them in the womb. These women need your love, care, and concern for their welfare. So reach out to help these women by providing funding and even staffing of help centers for unwed mothers. America has too many abortions for various reasons, but these sins of killing are even now bringing My judgment and punishment against America for such sins. Help those also who have had abortions to get help both physically and spiritually in Confession. Such sins need sincere repentance for these women to move on with their lives. Pray for these women and even married women desiring abortions. Unless you put more value on life and love, your country will decline into a moral disaster as the Roman Empire fell from within.”