Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, this conversion of Saul to St. Paul is one of the most dramatic in all of the Scriptures. Saul was strong in his protest of those who followed My way. His vigor in persecuting Christians was changed to one of vigor in evangelizing souls, as he became one of My greatest missionaries for the Gentiles. Saul was blinded by My Light when I asked him why he was persecuting Me. I told him My Name, and I told him that he would now be supporting Me. Saul became Paul, and he was healed of his blindness when scales fell from his eyes. This miraculous conversion is an inspiration for My faithful to seek people out who want to be converted to the faith. Even in another way this conversion could inspire My faithful to be stronger in their faith, and more open to share their faith with others. You are fortunate to have the many Epistles of St. Paul that you read at Mass throughout the year. St. Paul’s efforts are still inspiring people to come closer to Me in how to live a good Christian life. In St. Paul’s example, you can see how I can perform impossible feats to change people’s lives. I am constantly searching for souls to accept Me in faith, and to share My Good News with all the nations.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision of this bus, you are seeing fewer souls coming to heaven each day. Unfortunately, you are seeing an increase in the number of souls going to hell, while the souls coming to heaven are decreasing. Even though you still have My priests distributing My sacraments, you are seeing fewer people coming to Sunday Mass, and very few coming to frequent Confession. My people need to believe in My Real Presence in My consecrated Hosts. When people stop praying their daily prayers, and stop coming to Sunday Mass, they become lukewarm in their love for Me. These lukewarm people are endangering their souls by worshiping worldly things rather than Me. If these souls do not wake up, or have people praying for them, then they could become part of the souls who are cast into hell. Those members in your family, who are lukewarm, need your prayers to save them from hell. Keep saying your long form of the St. Michael prayer to break any demon attachments and addictions. Every person has to acknowledge Me in love at their judgment, or they could be judged to hell based on their sinful actions.”