Friday, May 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you have had your spring tornado season and occasional severe rainstorm with flooding in various parts of your country. Soon you will be entering into the hurricane season during the summer and early fall. This vision of a hurricane at sea and a massive tidal wave is a sign of possible surges from a hurricane that could cause major damage. More of your states are allowing same sex marriages and abortion laws are strengthening. This slackening of your morals is not going unnoticed by heaven. As man defies My laws, you can expect to be harassed with further natural disasters and more financial problems. The Israelites also had to suffer hard times when they worshiped other gods, and so it will happen to your country for killing My babies and your defying My marriage laws between only a man and a woman.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have several underwater places around the world that could have earthquakes start a severe tsunami. As a result of the many deaths from the Indonesia earthquake, there are now more early warning systems for the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Similar systems should be in the Atlantic Ocean as well if they are not prepared to handle such emergencies. Many people did not realize that so many people could be killed from a tsunami triggered by a large underwater earthquake. With earthquakes increasing over the years, preparing for such large tsunamis should be a precaution for all nations on the ocean fronts. Pray that such early warnings may prevent many deaths when another major event occurs.”