Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, you are well aware of the body’s needs and desires that crave the pleasures and comforts of your earthly life. You may not always understand that your soul craves to be at peace with your Creator in Me. Your soul hungers to be satisfied spiritually with Me, and you can only find this peace with Me. You have a struggle between the body and the soul, because each one is seeking its own gratification. Some people are constantly searching, as in the vision, in order to find this peace in their souls. Because they cannot find My peace in things or entertainment, their souls are frustrated, since they are looking in all the wrong places. This is why it is a joy for you to be able to lead souls to conversion in the faith, so they can come to know Me, and satisfy their souls in My peace and love. Once you find My peace, you do not want to lose it. Do not allow addictions or material things to take away your spiritual peace, because you are allowing things to control you. By frequent confession of your sins, you can keep My peace in a pure soul. You will see that your soul’s joy with Me is long lasting, but your sinful pleasures are only fleeting for the body. By allowing the soul to restrain your body’s sinful desires, you can be in constant joy and peace with your Lord.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been spoiled with living in a nice house, and you have two vehicles to drive around. When My faithful come to a refuge, you may not be doing much driving, unless your gas is multiplied. You will be living in a confined community with a lot of other people. Getting some food everyday, washing your clothes, and dealing with the heat of summer and the cold of winter, will be your main concerns. All of you will need to do various jobs in food preparation and maintaining your heat in the winter, possibly with wood. Your new lifestyle will include more time for prayer and Adoration. Be thankful that most of you will be at a refuge and protected by angels from the evil ones during the tribulation. Also, be thankful that My refuge builders were able to say yes to providing a home for people to come. Trust in My protection, and the multiplying of your food and fuels.”