Friday, May 29, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I asked St. Peter three times if he loved Me in answer to the three times that he denied Me. I knew that he denied Me out of fear of losing his life. This is also why I warned him in his old age that he would face martyrdom for My Name’s sake. Once St. Peter received the Holy Spirit, I knew that he would have the spiritual strength not to deny Me again when threatened with death. This loud speaker speaking ‘Love’ means that I am asking the same question to all the people of the world: Do you love Me? It is not enough to say ‘Lord, Lord’. You must show Me by your actions that you truly love Me in your prayers, daily consecration, and good works. This love relationship with Me must be a sincere commitment out of love in return for My dying on the cross for you. This love for Me must involve giving your will over to My Divine Will so I can use you for My mission for your talents. When you have the power of the Holy Spirit from Confirmation, you will also have the spiritual strength to even be ready to die a martyrs’s death than give up your faith. Do not get comfortable with this life because it will soon be taken away from you. Focus on life with Me in heaven and saving souls from hell, for this is your goal on this earth. Love Me as I love you.”
Jesus said: “My people, the latest census will have a dual purpose of exactly locating people with specific earth coordinates and they will be gathering information on religious and patriotic people by asking innocent questions. It would be advisable to give them only bare information with nothing about your religion or if you are patriotic. Once they have you identified as against the new world order, they will try to mark your house in some way so foreign troops will know where to pick you up for martial law. If you see any red, blue, or other colored tags left around your house, it would be best to remove them. These are the one world people’s means of identifying their targets and knowing where to come and take you off to their death camps. Have no fear because I will alert you before these men in black will come to your house to capture you. At that warning you will need to leave your home if it is not a refuge. Take your backpacks and call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you with a physical sign to the nearest refuge of protection. Once you have left, they will not be able to find you because your angels will shield you from being seen or detected in any way. Trust in My protection from the evil ones, and I will provide for your necessities.”