Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012: (St. Bede the Venerable)
Jesus said: “My people, the apostles had gone back to their old profession of fishing, but it was through My help that they caught 153 large fish. I had told them before that I would make them fishers of men. At breakfast this was another of My appearances to My apostles after I had resurrected. I had told the women at the grave how I would meet My apostles at Galilee. I asked Peter three times if he loved Me, and he acknowledged how he did love Me. Then I told him to feed My sheep. This was because he denied Me three times, and because Peter was the head of My Church. Peter also was being told about his mission, and to follow Me in imitating My life. The apostles were still afraid of the Jews since the Jewish leaders wanted to stop anyone who was teaching in My Name. I told My apostles that I would have to leave them so they could receive power from the Holy Spirit. You will soon be celebrating Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon My disciples in the form of tongues of fire. It was the gifts of the Holy Spirit that enabled My apostles to start speaking out in My Name and healing the sick. Many people were also astounded when they heard the apostles speaking in several different languages. Rejoice, My faithful, because you too, have been enabled by your Baptism and Confirmation to go out to all the nations and preach My Good News.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want to compare graduating from college with graduating from this life at your death. Today it takes a large amount of money or some good scholarships to even be able to enter college, unless you go to a community college or some state colleges. Many students are taking out huge loans which may be hard to pay back. The money for college can be contrasted to the graces you need to get into heaven after your death. Students also need to have good study habits and the ability to plan their priorities for the time they have. In the same way souls also have a limited time without knowing when they are going to die. By keeping your soul pure with daily prayer and at least monthly Confession, you can be prepared for your judgment. In college you need to be able to do your assignments and pass your tests. In life you also need to work on your life’s mission, and with My grace you can endure your trials. In either case you need My help to both graduate from college and graduate to heaven. In both cases you also have to apply your knowledge to accomplish your goals. You need to be able to apply your book knowledge in solving problems in life situations. In the same way you use your knowledge of faith in life’s choices by following proper moral principles. There are some parallels in both graduations, but coming to heaven is your most sought after desire in all the world.”

Tenth Station tree: Jesus said: “My people, I have answered a request for a sign at this Tenth Station of the Cross, as this station is special at Marmora, Canada also. This sign of a weeping tree is but one miracle that witnesses this place as an interim refuge. When you work with Me to follow My Will, you will see your reward. It would be good to offer a sign of thanks for answering this request.”