Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010:
Our Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, you recognize my Guadeloupe image with the sun all around me. I am portrayed with my Son in the womb, so this brightness of the sun is from my Son, Jesus. I know this is not my feast day, but it is my month of May. You were reading how so many women take a contraceptive pill and how many ways people use devices to prevent having children in birth control. These things have encouraged promiscuity both in fornication and adultery. This mentality has brought on abortions even in partial birth abortions. I conceived my child even though it was difficult before I was married, but Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Your society is more concerned with the pleasures of your passions than the desire to bring up children. Using these devices and having sex without marriage are all mortal sins, and you need to confess your sins before receiving Holy Communion, even when it may be embarrassing to remain in your pew at Mass. Do not compound your sexual sins with sacrilege or with abortions. I have asked you to pray my three Mysteries of the rosary and the fourth Mystery of Light if you can. Even if you have many things to do, you should make your prayers your first priority so you can show your love for me and my Son, Jesus. He has even asked you to make up the rosaries that you have missed because He is relying on his prayer warriors to pray for the sinners of the world. We in our two hearts love all of you and we want to see you live holy lives. We encourage you to love us and your neighbor as yourself.”

(Camille Remacle’s Mass intention) Camille said: “In your vision you saw how I used to find bicycles on the road and fix them up for people, as I did with the lawnmowers. I see now why you may need some bicycles if you cannot drive your car to a refuge. I want to thank you for the flowers at my grave and for keeping up the house. It will look a lot better once you get a new fence in there. Carol was noticing how the raspberry bushes are getting out of control. That is another upkeep with berry bushes. You have to trim and thin them out, or it is hard to pick them and get to them. Any good garden requires care and upkeep, and that is one thing that kept me busy. I love all of you and I am praying for your souls.”