Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, there are some who seek fame and fortune in this life, but this can get in the way of their worship of Me and letting Me be the Master of their lives. As My followers, I want you to be humble, and follow My plan for your life instead of your own desires. It is not easy to proclaim My kingdom and My Resurrection because there are some who do not want to accept My Good News. This is why St. Paul was persecuted, and risked his life in prison for preaching My Gospel. My faithful are also seeing an increase in the persecution of Christians because your society is following evil ways instead of following Me. The devil and the Antichrist will soon have their hour of testing the world in the coming tribulation. My faithful will need to remain strong in their faith, but you will be persecuted as I was. I will give you My protection at My refuges, but you will be living a more rustic life without so many comforts. Be patient and rejoice, because My victory is coming, even as you see the evil ones taking control.”

(At Rhoda Wise’s home, Canton, Ohio) Jesus said: “My people, Rhoda was blessed to share in My pain with the stigmata for two years. There have been several miracles of healing to add authenticity to her experiences. She was a convert, and I want you to focus on her humility, but especially on her obedience both to Me and the Church. This is the same acceptance that I ask of everyone, that they be obedient to My Divine Will and to the authorities of My Church. By allowing Me to run your lives, you will be able to accomplish the mission which I have for each of you. This is a blessed spot and consecrated land.”