Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s readings you can see the contrast of how Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers for twenty pieces of silver. Then in the Gospel there is the implication in the son’s death how I would be betrayed by Judas for thirty pieces of silver. In both of these betrayals, the brothers and Judas were even willing to profit from their wrongful deeds. Because of their crimes of betrayal, there was another payment due in the consequences of their actions. The brothers had to suffer embarrassment when Joseph tricked them into a theft, and accused them of a crime. Then finally they had to admit their evil deed of selling their brother into slavery. Fortunately, this was My plan to provide food for My people during a famine. In the case of Judas’ betrayal, he was so sorry for his crime that he did not think that I would forgive him. Then the devil encouraged him to commit suicide by hanging himself to death. In today’s world there are times when you may have betrayed someone’s confidence by speaking about a person’s secrets behind that person’s back. You may at first think you are better than other people by belittling them, but you need to repent of your betrayals in Confession and even beg that person’s forgiveness. I am the only One to pass judgments, and it is not your place to gossip to people about your friends or strangers. During Lent you should seek repentance for your own crimes and gossip in Confession, when you ask for My forgiveness. Come to Me over any sin, and I will always forgive a repentant sinner.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am grateful for your work in keeping your prayer group going for these forty years. My Blessed Mother is also grateful for all the many rosaries and Adoration of Me that you have had at your meetings. It is not easy to keep people faithful to a prayer group for so long. Do not worry about the numbers that come, but be faithful to Me and My Blessed Mother in all of your work. For many years you attended the Blue Army meetings, and I know how faithful you are in praying your daily rosaries and wearing My Blessed Mother’s scapular. Continue to pray for My Blessed Mother’s intentions, especially for sinners, peace in your world, the stoppage of abortion, and for the poor souls in purgatory. You remember the chapel to Our Two Hearts as you have a picture of My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart in your room at your home. As you pray your rosaries, remember to pray for all of your family’s needs and to help pray for their souls to be saved. Family prayer is very important to keep spouses together and to avoid divorce. My Blessed Mother and I are always watching out for you, and we are always available to answer your requests in prayer.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know that the Antichrist will be allowed a brief reign of less than 3 ½ years when he will be allowed to control the earth. It should come as no surprise that America will be taken over for the Antichrist to control it. This is why I am showing you a funeral of America’s fall from power. Do not have fear of this time because you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to fight for souls in the battle of good against evil. You will be persecuted for believing in Me, but when you stand up against this coming evil, you will see My reward.”