Friday, March 6, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you start to see warmer weather prevail, it is like a new lease on life when you can get out into your yard to clean up the winter’s broken tree branches and start your spring cleaning inside your house as well. Many of you are so taken up with your outward appearances that you forget to take a look at your inner appearances in your soul. You can look at your Lenten Season as your spiritual spring cleaning of all of your sins and bad habits. By going to Confession and really examining some of the root causes of your sins, you can clean out the sinful trash in your life and make a better inner appearance to Me with a clean soul. Keep your focus on Me every day in your prayers, and be more concerned with keeping your soul swept clean than your outward appearance on your body or in your house. In other words spring cleaning should be good for both your soul and your house.”
Jesus said: “My people, your Warning experience will be unique for each person. You will be reviewing your life’s experiences, but you will also be viewing your life from the perspective of other people in your life. You will see how you helped people, and how you may have misled someone into sin. Most of all you will understand what I thought of your actions in every minute of every day of your life. You will see how you spent your time for good things and how you may have wasted time in your life following your own will. You will be sorry for your sins, and you will desire Confession to make amends for the sins that you did not tell. Once you are back in your body, you will have a second chance to change your ways to live more for following Me than your own ways. When you are faced with your mini-judgment, you will see how short this life is and how important it is to focus your life more on serving Me than on following the devil’s temptations of worldly comforts and pleasures. Use this Warning to come closer to Me as you realize the importance of love for Me and love for all of those people that you will encounter in life. Always be reaching out to save souls for heaven.”