Friday, March 26, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, as you see in this vision, do not focus only on rushing around to do the worldly things that please you without forgetting why you are doing these things. Your life should have spiritual meaning in your actions and not just worldly reasons to please the body. How can I be Master of your life, and how can you reduce your worldly desires for perfection if you allow your body to dictate all of your actions? If you are busy doing your own personal mission, you are not allowing Me time to accomplish My mission for your life. You have physical needs to eat, sleep, and earn your way of living, but you also have spiritual needs which also need attention to feed your soul. You are a whole person of body and soul, so do not let your body run your whole life without including Me in your plans. I desire that you would do things out of love for Me, and for what is best for your soul. Remember when you die and leave this world, the body stays behind and rots away, while your soul lives on for all eternity. It is the destination of your soul to heaven that should be more important than just pleasing the body’s senses. So be more focused on spiritual things that will last, than on worldly things that are gone tomorrow. Focus more on your prayer life and love of God and neighbor, even while you are doing your earthly necessities.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you before that you are witnessing a battle between good and evil. For the most part this has been a spiritual battle, but soon you will see this as even a physical battle as you see more dissatisfaction of your people with the one world controlled government. Under the guise of a financial meltdown, your government has spent trillions of taxpayer dollars to bail out Wall Street and the banks. The government has taken over some banks, Wall Street institutions as your house mortgage companies, car companies, and now your health industry. You are advancing from socialism to near communist tactics when you have no other option but your government control. Every piece of legislation has been pushed through your Congress either with or without public support. If those in power continue, there will not be one part of your life that is not under their control. You are looking at the dismantling of your American Republic into a loss of all of your rights. This trend will culminate into a North American Union takeover where there will be no more real elections and no more individual rights. At that point you will need to leave for your refuges, as this evil lot will be seeking to kill all Christians. This will soon begin the tribulation of the Antichrist which will then bring about My return to defeat the evil ones and cast them into hell. Then once I renew the earth, you will be brought into My Era of Peace with no more evil against you. Endure this brief trial of evil now because My reign is near. Call on Me and My angels to protect you at My refuges.”