Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a tree much like the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. I am the Tree of Life, and you are the branches. Without Me, you will wither and die. When you look at My crucifix, you see Me dying on the wood of the cross. In the vision you saw grapes and wheat circling around this Tree of Life. This represents the bread and wine that I consecrated in the first Mass which I changed into My Body and Blood. I have repeated the words of St. John’s Gospel many times: ‘You must eat My Body and drink My Blood in order to have eternal life.’ You are receiving Me in Holy Communion, and I bring life into your soul. It is My death on the cross that has brought salvation to all sinners. It is everyone’s choice to accept Me as Master of your life or not. I forgive all repentant sinners who seek My forgiveness. This is why you all are so blessed to receive Me into your souls, so you have the grace of My sacrament that permeates your body and soul. I will be with you in My tabernacles until the day a new life will start in My Era of Peace. In My Era of Peace you will see the same Tree of Life that was seen in the Garden of Eden, and I will be with you spiritually. Rejoice when you visit Me at any of My tabernacles so I can bestow the grace of My Real Presence among you.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the Garden of Eden I created Adam and Eve, and they were not meant to die as long as they stayed in the Garden and they did not eat the forbidden fruit. Once they listened to the devil, they ate the forbidden fruit, and they were cast out of the Garden of Eden. One of the consequences of this original sin is that all of mankind became mortal and had to die to this life. Now you see a cycle of life from an infant to an adolescent, and then to an adult. You are familiar with the aging process that causes your body to grow old. Once your soul is created, you will live forever. Your body will die, but your soul will be separated from your body and live on. By your life’s actions, you will be judged to heaven, purgatory, or hell. At the final judgment, all of My faithful will witness their own resurrection as your soul will be reunited with a glorified body. This is My promise that I gave to everyone who would follow My Commandments and show love to Me and the neighbors. This is the complete cycle of life from Adam and Eve until My final judgment of mankind. Be faithful to Me, and you will have your eternal reward with Me in heaven.”