Friday, March 21, 2008: (Good Friday)

Jesus said: “My people, the description of My Passion and death on the cross is very sad and graphic that I had to die without committing any crime. But I had a world to save and the price of your sins was very heavy. I suffered much in My scourging, carrying My cross, being nailed to the cross, and agonizing without being able to breathe. After I died, you saw the last of My Blood and water come forth when the lance pierced My side. When you have any pain in this life, it will appear as nothing compared to what I had to suffer for each of you. Now, you honor My three days in the tomb in silence and darkness, until I came forth to life in My Resurrection on Easter Sunday. I know you are in sorrow that your sins caused Me to suffer so much. I am still suffering even now for the sins of mankind. Ask My forgiveness of your sins as I renew the grace in your soul at every Confession that you make. Work on your penances as a small payment to atone for your sins. I love you in My sacrifice, and I want you to love Me in return.”