Friday, March 20, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel focuses on the Greatest of My Commandments which is to love God with all of your mind, your heart, and with all of your strength, and your neighbor as yourself. This love is the basis of all of My teachings, and if man carried this out every day, there would be harmony and peace without any wars. Unfortunately, man is loving Me less and I am becoming less a part of your life. As you worship money and fame more than Me, your money and your freedoms will be falling away as a punishment for violating this love of Mine. As you grow colder in your hearts with less love for Me, you can understand this vision that the elevator grows colder as it descends. You are dependent on Me, and when you depend more on yourselves, your world falls apart. Only by hard times and disasters will you be brought back on your knees to see your need to love Me and depend on Me by worshiping Me only, instead of your money.”
Jesus said: “My people, your economy is having a financial disaster, but your standard of living requires cheap gasoline to survive. You saw what happened when your gasoline prices went to $4/gallon. The mobility of your goods and services is crucial and it relies on cheap fuels. Your energy policies still are not reducing the need for buying a lot of foreign oil. This vision of your oil production and refining of gasoline is very vulnerable to having enough supply, and it is vulnerable to terrorism. Until America expands its alternative energy sources, your economy is still weak to support any expanded energy needs for future growth. All of your economic problems are being worsened by government control which is very inefficient and prone to corruption and interest group control. The one world people have created your financial problem, but their solution is global government which will be the vehicle used by the Antichrist. Your time is short before this planned solution will become a reality. Be prepared in your souls spiritually, and have your things ready to leave for your refuges.”