Friday, March 19, 2010: (St. Joseph)

Jesus said: “My people, St. Joseph is a silent obedient father as far as Scripture is concerned. He followed the angel’s dreams of accepting Mary into his house, taking the family to register in Bethlehem, leaving for Egypt, and returning to Nazareth. He is the guardian of My Church, patron of the dying, and a good example for all fathers in taking care of their families as a carpenter. I was obedient to My parents, and he taught Me his trade as a carpenter, but God the Father had a greater mission of saving My people. Today, there are many single parent households, but fathers should recognize their responsibility for their children and see to their needs. The Holy Family should be a model for all families with a father and mother along with the children under the seal of marriage. Living together in sinful fornication or in homosexual relationships are not proper environments to raise children. Children should be raised in a proper loving relationship under a proper marriage in the Church. St. Joseph was a loving parent, even if he was a foster father. I invite you to love Joseph and Mary as you can pray to them for your prayer intentions.”

Jesus said: “My people, this walking staff of St. Joseph represents his leadership of the Holy Family and also as guardian of My Church. I am thankful for St. Joseph’s care for My Blessed Mother and Myself in all of our travels and at our home in Nazareth. He is also helping those in My Church who pray to him as an intercessor. Many people have many traditions on this feast day in making breads and the like. You see statues of him holding Me as an infant. This idea of leadership is also seen in the vision of a bishop with his crosier as the Shepherd of his flock of souls. Pray for your bishops who are constantly enduring the attacks of the evil one. May they have courage to lead their people in fighting abortion and standing up for the faith that is also under attack from your secular world. Remember to continue to pray to the Holy Family so today’s families can be supported in their faith.”