Friday, March 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I asked the people in today’s Gospel to believe that I am God’s Son because of the miracle works that I performed, and that I was sent by My Father. I want to emphasize how I prayed to heal the whole person, both body and soul. The healing of the soul from its sin is actually more of a blessing than any physical healing. I am God and all healing is possible, but it should be in accordance with My Will. Let this be a reminder to you when you are praying for petitions of healing for someone. Pray first that the soul be healed of sin, and then if it be in My Will, pray for the healing of that person’s illness. When you are evangelizing souls for My greater glory, you are really praying for a healing of that soul’s spiritual sickness of sin. Once a soul asks for forgiveness in sincere contrition and is forgiven, then you will see a great change of grace come over that person’s face, even if they are not healed physically. It is important to be free of sickness so you can perform your mission, but it is more important to have your soul saved in order to enter heaven. So just as I did, always pray to heal the whole person, both body and soul.”
Jesus said: “My people, this shadow of My cross, that falls all over you, represents how you share all of your suffering with My suffering on the cross. I ask you to take up your daily cross and offer up all of your pains, disappointments, and trials to Me. I know all that you are going through, and your desire to suffer with Me will gain you treasure in heaven. I am always at your side to give you strength and courage to fulfill your mission, even when it may seem impossible to you. Remember that with Me all things are possible. Remember to pray your Stations of the Cross this day on Friday to commemorate the day of My death on Good Friday. I love all of you so very much and I reach out with My mercy to save all souls who listen to My Word and take it to heart. It is true as your priest has said that it is more important to focus on My death and Resurrection in Holy Week than on any other earthly concerns about bunnies, eggs, candy, or new clothing. Rejoice in this most important of all times in the Church Year when you commemorate My death and Resurrection. See how much I love all of you that I suffered a cruel death to pay the price for all of mankind’s sins. I am the worthy Lamb of God offered up as the ultimate sacrifice more meaningful than all of your burnt offerings. Come and join in My Eucharist so you can receive your spiritual food that will bring you to life everlasting. When you follow Me, you are continuing to walk in the shadow of My cross.”